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Cue Sheets

On this page you will find advice on how to complete cue sheets and templates for you to make your own. Most students will need to fill out one of each of these sheets for their performances.

Lighting (LX)  Cue Sheets

Your lighting cue sheet needs to include a line for every time your lighting state changes. This includes lights going on and off, and pre-show and post-show lighting states. Any blackouts also need to be included.


There is a video explaining some of the fundamental lighting concepts on our lighting page. You might want to try out some unusual lighting states such as floor lanterns, moving lights, or shadow play. Get in touch with us if you want to explore anything out of the ordinary and we'll be keen to explore possibilities with you.

Here is an example of what a completed lighting cue sheet might look like. Notice where it mentions 'Sound Cue 1' - this is a good example of how your Lighting and Audio Visual Cue Sheets can work in tandem to give us the full picture of your requirements

Download a blank template for your lighting cue sheet with this link:

Audio-Visual (AV) Cue Sheets

Your AV Cue Sheet needs to list every time you want music or video to play, stop, or change in some other way. Below is an example of what a completed AV Cue Sheet might look like. Notice how it refers to the LX Cue Sheet for some cue points. The screen column needs to tell us which screen you would like the video to be on. We have a range of options for projection and some TV screens. You may also want to project onto unusual surfaces such as cloths, curtains, or flats. For anything out of the ordinary, please get in touch and we'll be keen to explore possibilities with you.


We cannot play music or videos from Youtube or from your phone/computer. Any music or video you want to use in your show needs to be sent to or brought to us on a USB stick. Please do this well in advance of your tech rehearsal so we have time to download.

Download a blank template for your Audio-Visual cue sheet with this link:
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