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Forms & Policies

Here you will find the various forms and policies you will need when studying or working in the Performing Arts areas, including the Code of Practice and example risk assessments

Code of Practice

This document contains information on what you can expect from our team and spaces, and what we expect from you. If you want to do something which isn't covered by this, you need to let us know and potentially complete a risk assessment

Risk Assessments

This Risk Assessment covers generic risks associated with and hazards present in Performing Arts spaces at Leeds School of Arts. It is intended for students and academics only.

Every performance needs a show-specific risk assessment. In addition to this, some other activities which fall outside our Code of Practice will also need risk assessments. If you need to complete a risk assessment, download the blank one below. You may need to add more lines to the table depending on how many risks your activity presents.


Remember - just because an activity presents risks, it does not mean you won't be allowed to do it! We do need to know far enough in advance though so that we can ensure everyone's safety.


Further advice is available on our risk assessments page. As always, we are happy to help with filling these in.

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