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Getting Audio Files

If you want to use music or audio as part of your performances at Leeds Beckett, you will have to provide us with files on a USB stick in time for your tech rehearsals. We do not have time to get audio files for you, we cannot play songs from streaming services or webpages, and we do not have a ready bank of sound effects. Providing your own audio files is standard practice in the world of theatre and dance but we understand not everyone knows how to get hold of them. Below are some pointers on how to get them.

A note on file formats

We will accept any common audio file formats including .mp3 .wav .aac .m4a .wma .aif and .flac

Some methods of getting files (for example screen recording) will result in video files like .mov or .mp4. While we can work with these files, it will take us a while to import them and will eat into your tech rehearsal time, potentially sacrificing the quality of your technical production.

There are some websites which offer free audio downloads but are actually scams. If you find you have ended up with a .exe .dmg .pkg .bin or .iso file you should delete it immediately as it could be dangerous for your computer.

Amazon Music

You can purchase .mp3 files from the regular Amazon website. Just search for the name of the song you want. Songs usually cost 99p. On purchasing, the song will be added to your library where you can download it whenever you like and as many times as you like following these instructions:

  • Go to

  • Hover over 'Library' at the top of the page and click on 'Music' in the dropdown

  • Click on 'Purchased' (just below 'Library')

  • Navigate to your track and click the download icon to the right of the title

  • Click 'Download Songs Here' in the popup

  • Tracks will be downloaded to the Downloads folder on your computer


Whilst it is not illegal to download music from Youtube, it is against their terms of service. We will never ask how you obtained an audio file and do not recommend websites or apps that download music from Youtube, recording Youtube videos in Audacity, or screen recording Youtube videos.

Sound Effects

If you are looking to use sound effects in your work, our first suggestion is This is now an old and well-established community of sound recordists and collectors. You will have to create an account to download sounds. It is worth checking the descriptions of sounds as some will require attribution.

You can also get quite far by Googling, just beware of scam websites!

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