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Risk Assessments

Day-to-day working in the studios is covered by our Code Of Practice and Generic Risk Assessment which can be found on our Forms and Policies page. When an activity falls outside of normal studio practice, additional Risk Assessments may be deemed necessary.

All productions require a show-specific Risk Assessment which you are asked to prepare ahead of your performance.

Please remember that, just because an activity presents risks, this doesn't mean you won't be allowed to do it and it is better that we know about all the risks well in advance so we can help you to mitigate them. Learning Support staff are more than happy to help you complete risk assessments so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Blank Risk Assessment

When you need to do a risk assessment, you can download this blank template to get started


Example Completed Risk Assessment

This is what your risk assessment might look like once it's completed

Risk Assessment Tutorial

A quick guide to why risk assessments are important and how you can get started with your own

A Guide to Risk Assessments

This is an excellent Powerpoint presentation detailing the key things you need to think about with your risk assessment 

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