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Sound Guides

Here's a guide to the sound equipment we have in the department. You can find links and videos to free music editing software as well as information on different types of cables and what they do. 

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XLR Cable

Multipin metallic connector. (3 pin for speaker and microphone use, 5 pin for DMX, Colour Scrollers etc). Sometimes called Cannons after the original manufacturer.

Phono Cable

An unbalanced audio connector used for connecting line-level equipment together (eg CD player, tape recorder). Unsuitable for professional use due to lack of durability. Also known as RCA connector, Pin Plug.

Jack Cable

A Segmented audio connector. Mono Jacks have two connections - tip and sleeve, and are unbalanced. Stereo jacks have three connections - tip, ring and sleeve. Jacks are available in 2 sizes: quarter inch and eighth inch.


A type of shielded locking multipin speaker connector which can safely carry the high currents from an amplifier needed to drive large speaker systems. Available in 4- or 8-way types, and ideal for bi-amplified systems. The cable version of the connector is male, and the panel mount connector is female.


Probably the simplest and most common audio editing program used at the moment is Audacity. Audacity is a free open source program that can be used on Windows and Mac. You can download it from here

Audacity: Basic recording and editing 

This video is owned by "WestSideElectronicMusic"

Audacity: More advanced techniques 

This guys playlist goes into more detail, but he's a bit annoying. 

This video is owned by "JustAlexHalford"

Zoom portable recorders

This video is owned by "ASMR Academy"

Additional Stuff

Here is a glossary of all the useful sound terms you may need. If you require anymore help or information please contact any member of the Learning Support team. Contacts can be found on the contacts page.

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