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Studio and Equipment Bookings

The School of Performing Arts has 4 spaces available for booking by students. These are the Black Box and Performing Arts Studios 1, 2 & 3.

Please leave spaces as you found them. If you expect your work will create unusual mess, please let Learning Support know in advance so we can plan for clear-up

We also have a range of equipment available to lend, including microphones, cameras, and lights.

We have a small collection of props in the store backstage.
Keys can be collected from us or the Level 4 Helpdesk.
This store is shared with the film department and is not a secure space to store your own stuff!

To book any of these spaces or equipment, please visit:

MPACT Tutorial

To book a space for rehearsal, please follow these instructions:

1. Click Sign In to your account

2. Sign in using your University credentials

3. Click on Book by Category at the top left of the screen

4. Then click on Specialist Spaces in the drop down menu

5. Click on Create Booking adjacent to the studio you would like to use for rehearsals

6. Click on the date/time of your desired booking

       -  Bookings will default to being 30 minutes but can be extended to              90 minutes by changing the end time in box to the right and                      clicking Update

7. When you are happy with your booking date/time, click Next

8. Enter your relevant contact details and click Next

9. Tick the box to accept terms and conditions then click Next

10. Check the booking and then click Submit to verify

11. The booking will then be confirmed

You can manage your bookings by clicking on My Account in the top right corner then click on the individual booking reference number.
From here you can see the booking details, edit the booking or cancel (delete) the booking

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